Process: Add a User and Assign a Role

To access your instance of aNewSpring LMS, you must first create a User Account. Once created, you can assign that User Account with one or more roles within the platform. 



Add a New User

To Add a New User, follow these steps:

  • Go to the User tab. 
  • Click the blue + User button. 


  • Complete the New User window. 


Licence is Renewable

The Licence Year starts when a Learner starts their first course. Once the Learner has an Active Course Subscription, if checked, their Active Licence will continue to renew each year.

If this is not required, we recommend unchecking the Licence is Renewable checkbox. If unchecked, the Learner will be automatically archived. You can also Manage Renewals via the Manage Renewals at the top of the Users page. 

  • Click, Create.

You have now added a User to your aNewSpring LMS System.


Assign a Role to a User

aNewSpring has eight different roles that you can assign to a User. These roles dictate what a User can see and do within the aNewSpring LMS. 

To Assign a Role to a User, follow these steps:

  • Go to the User tab. 
  • Search and select the User
  • Go to the Roles tab on the Users Profile.
  • Select one or more roles for the User by checking or unchecking against each role option.


    1. Tenant - This role is available to the one who created the learning environment at first. This person will also be the Administrator. It is possible for this person to grand the tenant role to other users. It is only possible for the Tenant role to see the tab Settings.
    2. Administrator - Manages the learning environment but has fewer rights than the Tenant role. 
    3. Author - Can create educational materials such as questions and content parts in the content library. The Administrator has granted the Author the rights to do this.
    4. Designer - Can create learning journeys from existing content. The Administrator has to grant access to the content libraries they use to make a learning journey.
    5. Instructor - The Instructor can guide and coach learners.
    6. Learner - The Learner role is the one that follows the course. Their options depend on the setting the Designer and the Administrator have set for their course.
    7. Mentor - The Mentor is a third party person who can check the learners' effort and progress. A Mentor can be linked to any course type. 
    8. Reseller - The Reseller manages the catalogue and access codes for learners. With the access codes, the learners can gain access to courses. 
  • Click, Update

You have now assigned a Role to a User within aNewSpring LMS.

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