Essentials User Roles and Rights

Within Ready LMS Essentials, there are three different roles that a user can have. Each role has a set of rights, which determines what actions are available to the user.


Available Roles

The roles available in Ready LMS Essentials are as follows:

  • Admin
  • Instructor
  • Learner

Below we will provide a summary of each role and what actions they are able to take.


Only one Admin can exist per instance of Ready LMS Essentials. The Admin will be the power user of the system and have the most rights out of all roles. They will be the user responsible for doing site setup, configuration, and content management. 

Some of the rights the Admin role contains include:

  • Edit the look & feel of the Ready LMS Essentials environment
  • Change the settings of the environment
  • Create new users and manage users with a role of either Learner or Instructor
  • Create and manage all content created within each template

Note that the Admin role does not take up a license. 


Instructors are responsible for guiding and coaching Learners in the Ready LMS Essentials instance. They can be assigned to a specific course if the ‘Learning Journey with Instructors’ setting is enabled in the template. 

Some of the rights the Instructor role contains include:

  • View the Instructor dashboard
  • Check and export statistics on Learners, course content, and courses 
  • Shadow a course
  • Change several course settings.

Note that the Instructor role does not take up a license. 


The Learner is the one following the course and consuming the content. They are the only users within Ready LMS Essentials that takes up a license. Their rights are dependent on the settings for the course they are undertaking, which are configured by the Admin. 

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