Model Answers

The Model Answers feature assists Learners and Instructors in grading Essay questions. For Learners, this is displayed only when Learners are responsible for grading their own Essay questions. Otherwise, Model Answers are shown only to the Instructor, who has the option to incorporate it into their feedback for the Learner.

Q. In our Template we have the give feedback setting set to only score after assessment. Can we change that on a published Template?

A. Yes! You can update the Give Feedback option under Feedback under the Properties even on a published Template. For example, if you set it to "all after assessment", your instructors can still see the model answer and give a score and feedback. The students will not be able to see the model answer.

Q. What happens if we would like the students to see the model answer as part of the feedback the instructors give?

A. When an instructor is marking they can click a button to include the model answer as part of the feedback. This will allow the student to see the model answer as part of the feedback the instructor is providing.

Q. Our students mark their Essay questions so they need the model answer to mark against. Will this stop them from seeing it?

A. When the student is marking the Essay questions they will still be provided the model answer. This will not change.

Q. Where can we use the Model Answers feature?

A. You can access the question either through the Template’s activity or the content library by editing the question. This will allow you to enter a model answer, which will become available for instructors ONLY to see when marking. 

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